scrolling Yukawa and Utsumi

The background of my Galaxy Nexus is currently the screenshot I used for the header image. Because of the scrolling effect of Android wallpaper and the default settings of the Nova Launcher, if I scroll to the left, I see only Utsumi and if I scroll to the right, I see only Yukawa. This is really fascinating to me. I showed a friend and demonstrated the scrolling and isolation of each character on different panels. His exact reply was, “OMG, you’re really obsessed.” To be fair, he only said this because he thought I had calculated how to crop or make the screenshot in exactly the way that has them perfectly scroll like that. I didn’t; it just worked out that way. He is right, though. I am really obsessed.

The scrolling effect isn’t fascinating to me because it’s new to me. It’s just that the scrolling was always a hindrance to the images I wanted to use as wallpapers. I actually had a few Finder and Gakuen Heaven images I would use on my phones, but there wasn’t a shape that Android could crop it to where it wouldn’t look unusual when scrolled. I used PicSpeed to make them not scroll and get them to the “correct” rectangular shape. The effect wasn’t persistent between phone reboots, which was really starting to feel annoying after a year. I opt for just putting in an already-charged battery in the phone rather than have my phone remain stationary while it is being charged, which is why my phone has to be started up a lot.

Galileo 2 is the reason I watch Doctor Who

I considered adding a TARDIS to the layout in the background scenery. I might still do it. I might also change, “Teehee, I got an awesome present,” because I don’t think Professor Yukawa would actually say that, but I could totally imagine Utsumi saying, “WTF is this rock.” In fact, she kind of did.

It was going so well until a few months ago. I had just gotten Galileo DVDs after being reasonably certain that they weren’t going to ruin the series by, like, giving it a sequel without Utsumi or something. I don’t know why I thought that, and clearly, I was very wrong to think that. Anyway, then a Blu-ray set came out. Fine, that’s fine. I love a picture that can fill my monitor without looking like crap. Bring on the higher resolution. It wouldn’t be my first time double-dipping. Better versions of merchandise I already own? This is a good problem to have.

Then the discovery of a new Galileo movie and TV series coming out. Without Shibasaki Kou as the co-star. Continue reading